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The Colors Collection, Volume 1


Thumb-Overcrowded-Midway-The-Colors-Collection-Volume-1-by-Debra-Fisher-GoldsteinIn this sweet and lively gift book, you will find 30 colorful – and cleverly captioned – images of the State Fair:
vibrant moments that will make you smile, sigh, laugh.
These are the colors of the Fair, where life is large, and the colors are beyond imagination.

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The Colors Collection, Volume 1

These chosen photos are selections from the “Beyond The Stick” State Fair photography exhibit that debuted in three solo shows in 2015, including a feature presentation by the Minnesota State Fair Foundation at the Fair in the historic J.V. Bailey House.

These are the best of The Colors Collection; and are sure to brighten any and every day.

It is my hope that you will enjoy these colors all year ‘round! In my humble opinion, this is a most wonderful gift for a Fair-loving friend!

30 images, 24 pages, 6”x8” hardcover, lustre pages