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Three Reasons To Warm Up To Winter

As we celebrate our winter months – which I must confess includes cursing the darkness – let me light a candle to illuminate some of the warmth that surrounds us.

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“The Shape Of Things To Come”

There’s the infectiousness of humor.

Laugh yourself into a hot flash at the Twin Cities Humor Festival!
I am most pleased to be a featured guest artist, where 35 of my humorous images will be displayed in creative collaboration with the work of teaching artist Victoria Thor and her 7th and 8th grade Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day School students.

It was a hoot and a holler to discuss humor and photography with these clever kids as a guest in their classroom, and to present to the staff of the JCC. Thank you, Robyn Awend, Cultural Director of the Twin Cities Minneapolis Jewish Community Center, and teacher/artist Victoria Thor, for inviting me to be a part of  “Picture This: Encountering Humor” which runs January 4-28, 2018.


“Fly Boy”

There’s the Shared Longing For Warm Summer Light.

There’s a special communal connection when we know we’re all in this together.
And speaking of community, I’m proud to be part of the community of photographers who were selected from over national 600 entries to exhibit in “Game Day, USA” Sports Photography Exhibit at the Minneapolis
Photo Center.
Thank you, judge and curator, Brian Mark Peterson, nationally-renowned photographer and incredibly nice guy. His warm smile – and his photos – can melt the iciest of hearts. “Game Day, USA” runs from January 26, through the Super Bowl in the Twin Cities, and into March.


“This Old House”

There’s The Beauty of Ice – When It’s Not Underfoot.

Yes, our house is drafty, poorly insulated, and an insult to energy conservation. It’s 100 years old. I would be a creaky and leaky myself if I had been standing upright for 100 years. But this old house gives me moments like these.
Please come feel the crispy edge of frost, printed on effervescent metallic paper, beginning January 15 at the Jimmy Wilson Gallery in Linden Hills, Minneapolis, through March 1.
Thank you, Jimmy Wilson, for inviting me again to show in your charming gallery. It’s even more charming when it snows.

I hope these images have brought some warmth to your belly, and some light to your soul.

Wishing you all of that – and more – in 2018!