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Living Large

Once again, it is my pleasure to be showcasing my photography at the Great Pyrenees Club of America’s National Specialty Dog Show.

Top Dog - Photography by Debra Fisher Goldstein

Top Dog

This labor of love began 11 years ago, when Harvey and I walked into an exhibit hall full of huge gentle giants. I thought I had gone to heaven.

But it wasn’t always this way.

Those who know me from childhood take great pleasure in reminding me that I was terrified of dogs.
There was the time I stood screaming on the picnic table while a dog the size of my little toe yapped at me.
And there was the terror of trying to walk to school and avoid the mean German Shepherds at either end of the block. Elementary school – one end of the block.
High School – the other end of the block.

Then I met my hubbie Harvey, who had adopted every dog in college as his own, and who was, I’m sure, a dog in many former lives. We bought our home, and Harvey looked at the big fenced yard and said: “Big yard. Big dog.”

And that began the investigation into the giant breeds.
Newfies? A bit too much drool.
St. Bernards? A bit too much dog.

And then we discovered a breed called the Great Pyrenees.
And the rest is a 25 year history of love that I never could have imagined.

I can’t wait to capture the moments of love and joy at the Great Pyrenees National with 100 of my dear friends. And their humans.

Live and love large,

Debra and our newest pup, Etta

Etta and Me

Etta and Me