The 2013 National Specialty Candid Photo e-CD
(Bi-Weekly online photos downloadable to CD)


2013-eCD-Great-Pyrenees-Club-of-Americas-National-Specialty-Photos-by-GoldFish-Communications-Debra-Fisher-Goldstein-MNWeekly online photos downloadable to CD.
A show souvenir celebrating the most beautiful dogs in the world – and the people who love them!
Show Special!
$65 plus process/handling.


The 2013 Specialty Photo Collection will include, as always:

  • A robust, pyr-sized sampling of hundreds of professionally-shot candid moments, in and out of the ring, old and new friends, behind the scenes, special moments of joy and pride. A real keepsake.
  • Photos can be enjoyed in easy-to-view slide show format or as individual images.
  • FULL USAGE rights of ALL the lo-res photos for personal and business use.
  • Added bonus: several humorous or poignant captioned photostories that capture a unique view of this memorable event.

NEW for the 2013 National CD!

The Photo Collection is now electronic and will be offered ONLINE via password-protected galleries. This will get the photos into your hands – and hearts – sooner, starting within days of the show!
You will receive an email alert when new photos have been added.

Enjoy new photos as they arrive every few weeks after the National!
Then, share them online and download them to your own CD!

Great for archivists and historians, lovers of Great Pyrs and Pyr photography, Facebook and email users, and gift-givers.


  • Only $35 for the 2013 Commemorative Photo Collection when ordered before or during the show! Save $10 off the after-show price of $45.00.
  • Burn the photos yourself to a CD – and save!
  • Option: Order an actual CD when all the photos are processed (usually end of summer), for an additional $15, plus shipping/handling.

To enjoy a complimentary sample of a “Password-Protected Gallery of the 2013 National”, please see “CLIENT GALLERIES.”
Client Galleries