“Our Mighty Midway” — Archival Metallic Print


thumb-Our-Mighty-Midway-by-Debra-Fisher-GoldsteinThis popular image has become a favorite of Midway lovers. The colors, the lights, the energy of the Fair is captured on metallic paper, which makes it pop and sparkle with an iridescent, almost 3-D shimmer.
As one customer succinctly said in an email: “Must. Have.”

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8″ x 12″ print: $85.00
16″ x 24″ print: $125.00

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“Our Mighty Midway”

This is my most recent Midway image, taken in 2017, from the vantage point of the second story of “The Magic Maze,” which that year, was located at the front and south side of the Midway. We never know where the rides and funhouses are going to be located each year, which keeps my search for an ideal vantage point a changeable challenge. True, our Fair has many constants that have become beloved traditions; but the Fair is never the same. One can never get the same Midway shot; the clouds, the lighting, the ride placement – it will always be fresh and new. I am pleased to offer my latest view of this colorful, iconic moment.

Printed on archival metallic paper
Available sizes:
8” x 12″
16″ x 24″