The Fearless, and The Feared

Posted by on Jul 29, 2015 in All For One, Blog, Common Ground

I came to Anderson Ranch Arts Workshops to study with one of my prime visual influencers, documentary photographer and changer of the world Ed Kashi,  and visual media pioneer James Estrin, founder of the New York Times Lens blog. What I got, most unexpectedly, was an opportunity to face my middle-age fears of jumping back on the horse that threw me off in my youth – and, yes, I intend that as a metaphor for all my age-accumulated reluctances, or in horse-speak, ‘shying away.’

When I told the little kids at Cozy Point Horse Ranch that I was afraid of horses because they are so big, they told me: “You want your horse to be big so your feet don’t touch the ground.”

And on and on the quips from the kids came…I could barely write fast enough.  Nor run, frame, focus with enough speed as I doggedly trotted after them while they all-out galloped when their horse appeared.

It was a grand week of photography drenched in the Colorado sun and rain, with exuberant young riders, challenging classmates, and inspiring mentors.

For now, just a taste of the week.

For later, the full photoessay, with narrative.

Thanks, kids. You pushed me. I intended to document your story. Instead I ended up discovering mine.