Words from your satisfied peers:

“Debra Fisher Goldstein has a sharp eye for design, and a sensitivity for the moment in her photography. She also is an expressive writer with depth and an ear for the voice of
her subjects.”
– Ed Kashi, Internationally Acclaimed Photojournalist, Filmmaker and Educator, VII Photo Agency, NY, Talking Eyes Media, NY

“My MplsPhotoCenter’s ’72HOURS AT THE FAIR’ Workshop was most fortunate to visit an exhibition of State Fair photography by Debra Fisher Goldstein on the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.
Debra’s use of light, composition, and her capture of unique Fair moments provided a personal and distinctive perspective into the fairgoer’s experience. Her work gave “permission” to my students to photograph instinctively.”
– Layne Kennedy, Minneapolis-Based, International Editorial Photographer

“Debra’s work goes far beyond what is visible to the naked eye…she is able to capture the on-the-spot experience by intimately connecting with the image, sharing the exhilaration, the melancholy, the confusion, and sometimes the conventional …the results are always visually stunning, profoundly engaging, and highly imaginative. She is not only as talented as she is smart; she’s a dynamo, who sets a course for success – and then meets it. I wouldn’t hesitate for one second to recommend her work – and that’s something to say in this day and age.”
– Colleen Szot, National Television Screenwriter/Award-Winning Television
Direct Marketing Writer

“Debra’s work shows her wonderful eye, plus her delightful wit. Her State Fair photos are a joy. Love her sense of design AND her sense of humor!”
– Sue Crolick, Founder/Board Chair of Art Buddies, Sue Crolick,
Advertising & Design

“We loved having your artwork on our walls! It was a great addition to our theatre…people noticed it, talked about it, engaged with it. Your work is amazing. We truly enjoyed your work and hope we can partner again in the future.”
– Rebecca Tofte, External Relations Director, Park Square Theatre, St. Paul, MN

“I love the pictures you take. Thanks again for taking them. My family and friends have loved seeing these photos on my Facebook page. I’ve even used them as my profile picture. Got wonderful responses. Glad we got the whole DVD.”
– Michele Miller

“What a feast of enjoyment for a lifelong Pyr lover like me. Your choice of those spontaneous moments are so fresh and intimate, one really could be there. In those of the people I know you have captured THEM — and for the Pyrs I could almost feel them. I will be showing the National DVDs whenever I have a captive audience. Meanwhile I continue to enjoy them myself repeatedly. Well done. What dedication.”
– Eunice Meredith

“I THOROUGHLY enjoyed the slide show! You did such a professional and enjoyable presentation.
I loved the captions you included and the story they told. You truly captured
the ‘moments’!”
– Carolyn Yeager

“Great shots! I am very impressed with your photography, and I’ve seen a lot of
dog photography. In addition to your technical skills (and, obviously, excellent camera) you have a good eye for what makes a good photo.
Thanks for doing the CD. I can’t get enough of the pictures! I’m really enjoying it.”
– Catherine de la Cruz

“Thank you so much for making this lovely archive of our fun and fur.
The slide show is wonderful; you’ve done an outstanding job and I loved
your subtitles :))”
– Joan Stewart

“Your samples are sensational.”
– David Kintsfather

“Debra, I can’t say enough good things about the Photo CD. It is wonderful.
Not only is it beautiful photography, they are such poignant pictures.
They made me laugh, go “aww” and brought tears to my eyes. A pure delight.”
– Judy Brown

“The pictures you did were beautiful. You have a very good eye for candid shots.”
– Lee Trowbridge Goertz

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Photo CD and it is historically great to have. Thank you!”
– Judy Cooper

“Seeing these photos brings back great memories! Wonderful to look at over and
over again.”
– Joan Ziehl

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