“Top Dog” – black and white on archival metallic paper


Top Dog Photo Print by Photographer Debra-Fisher-Goldstein – candid photographer at the National Specialty Shows of the Great Pyrenees Club of America - Goldfish Communications, Minneapolis, MN
These enchanting pups at play are artistically captured in black and white strokes, defining their gestures and expressions. A unique look at the joy of puppies, big and small, as they tumble, roll, and challenge each other for top dog status!

Printed on archival metallic paper.

Sizes and Prices:

8×10 $65.00
16×20 $95.00

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Top Dog-2016-Great-Pyrenees-National-Photography-by Debra-Fisher-Goldstein

Round and round in the snow they go! Pure pyr joy uniquely interpreted by the artist, combining black strokes with textured white hair and speckles of snow.

Available Sizes:
8×10 $65.00
16×20 $95.00

Black and white photo art printed on archival metallic paper for a unique subtle sheen to augment the elements.

This image would also be wonderful printed on metal. Please inquire.

Also available as a color print, for those who want the full-badger view!

Top Dog Color Photo Print