“The Snow Angel” — on archival classic lustre paper


The Snow Angel“The Snow Angel” honors a young pup’s delightful frolic with the falling snow. Featuring Pyr attributes we adore: upside down body, a covered nose, and the ever-active paw, this pup is one with the elements.
This print has a custom-created textured styling, with a heavy linen feel, to further accentuate the falling snow, and is printed with a vintage cyanotype blue cast.

Sizes and Prices:

8” x 10” print: $65.00
16” x 20” print: $95.00

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This “powder-puff” kid can’t get enough of the good stuff! The cyanotype-toned image showcases the joy of youth and the elements. A muzzle full of snow – heaven!

This image is also available in other sizes. 16” x 20” is a favorite.

Available sizes:
8” x 10” print: $65.00
16” x 20” print: $95.00