The 2011 Oconomowoc
National Specialty


2011-CD-Great-Pyrenees-Club-of-Americas-National-Specialty-Photos-by-GoldFish-Communications-Debra-Fisher-Goldstein-MNA show souvenir celebrating the most beautiful dogs in the world – and the people who love them!
$65 plus shipping and handling.


“All Pyrs All The Time”

The 2011 Specialty Commemorative Photo CD includes close to a thousand professionally-shot special candid moments of events, in and out of the ring, old and new friends.
Nearly every dog who showed is here, multiple times!
Includes ALL electronic lo-res photo files for your personal or business use, plus several humorous, captioned photostories.
Great for archivists and historians, lovers of Great Pyrs and Pyr photography, Facebook and email users, and gift-givers.

National Specialty Commemorative Collections include:

  • A robust, pyr-sized sampling of hundreds of professionally-shot candid moments, in and out of the ring, old and new friends, behind the scenes, special moments of joy and pride. A real keepsake.
  • Photos can be enjoyed in easy-to-view slide show format or as individual images.
  • Includes ALL lo-res files for your personal use. Good for web, email, printing and memories!
  • Added bonus: several humorous or poignant captioned photostories that capture a unique view of this memorable event.