“In His Element” – black and white on archival metallic paper


This art captures the innocence and wonder of a Pyr pup in snowfall, when he is one with his world, and the elements. White on white – with badger markings just barely showing. A full immersion into life.
This is what joy looks like.

Printed on archival metallic paper.

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8×12 $75.00
16×24 $115.00

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In His Element-archival-black-and-white-photo-print

Get lost in this image of a total snow bath. Where does the Pyr end and the snow begin? This interpretation emphasizes the full immersion experience, with special touches to enhance the elements. Feel the chill! And let it warm your heart.

Black and white photo art printed on archival metallic paper for a unique subtle sheen to augment the elements.

Available Sizes:
8×12 $75.00
16×24 $115.00