Dipping Into The Sugar Of The Quintessential Fair Cookie Jar

The last night on the Midway slowed down to a trickle, with cloudy skies, the threat of storms, and a vendors looking for last chance customers. Brian, of St. Paul, played the rollerball game again and again, hoping to add to his cache of winnings for his waiting child – or his inner child. He was in the middle of his last try when the ferris wheel lights went dark; the understood sign to all employees that the Midway is closed. The music stopped, there was a silent beat – and then I heard engines starting up somewhere behind me in the dark. I had been warned to stay alert and out of the way, as the huge trailer trucks began squeezing into the spaces between concessions and rides. On went the hard hats and the safety shirts, as the staff who had already worked a long day shifted into high gear and worked through the early morning hours, their demolition ironically lit by the pulsating, still-breathing lights of their own rides. Boxes full of customer tickets were rushed to the back of the Midway for redemption:the ferris wheel medallion was removed. The workers moved fast; at least one ride needed to be ready for the opening of a Fair in Oklahoma in two days.

Bittersweet, I sighed, as I watched two tired workers steal a moment and dig into the sugar of the quintessential Fair cookie jar.

Our Great Midway!

Let’s spend a moment in our happy place.

Our Great Midway-5840This iconic Midway image was brought to you by short little me getting higher than my little legs like to go!

Available as a print on archival metallic paper, so you can be happy all year ’round.


Spin Art

Compliments of The Wellenflug. Translation:Wave Swinger.

History of this international amusement park Grande Dame: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wellenflug_(Fahrgeschäft)

Once again, spinning out of control at the Minnesota State Fair with www.BeyondTheStick.com.

Spin Art-_DSC7646

Building The Crazy Mouse

Building The Crazy Mouse

Those of you who have followed my Fair photos know that I’ve spent a crazy amount of time admiring and photographing the construction and completion of the Crazy Mouse ride. This year is no different; the obsession remains, this year with a feline-like focus on the quickly changing 001Building The Crazy Mouse-_DSC3680-Editshapes and patterns.

Water Colors

On the last day of the heat wave, on the last day of August,  it poured.  Minnesotans stayed and played.  And so did I.

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Just Another Day At The Fair

And I’m sure you saw even more of the same. Or different. The point is, there’s more.

To say the least.

World’s Brightest Midways

How many lightbulbs does it take to draw in customers?

Showmen Supplies knows, as operator Jeff points to the Midway under construction: “We’re a rolling warehouse to keep all of that running.”  Started 17 years ago by two brothers in a carnival-roving station wagon, Showmen’s, “We Light The World’s Brightest Midways”  is now the giant semi  full of bulbs, generators, boxes, cables and every replacement part a loud Midway could need, quietly tucked behind the scenes.